Actively Defending Our Constitution and Bill of Rights

Who we are and what our mission is:

We, the Wisconsin GrandSons of Liberty, are non-partisan and all-inclusive. We welcome everyone who believes that the Constitution is the ultimate law of the land and that the federal government must live within the limits defined in the Constitution.

We support no particular political party, but we are supportive of candidates who possess honesty and integrity and are motivated by public service and not public power and prestige.


We strongly believe that the United States is suffering from an excessive, overbearing, out-of-control government at all levels, intolerable taxation (without real representation), asinine political correctness that stifles the public discourse and crushes personal excellence, and a disastrous decline into the nightmare of socialism that would physically sicken our founding forefathers.

We aggressively work to create awareness and promote discussion of the causes of our nation’s problems and the potential solutions. We engage politically to effect the changes that concur with our extraordinary Constitution.

The Historical Sons of Liberty

The passage of the Stamp Act of 1765 by the British Parliament is recognized as the catalyst of the formation of the Sons of Liberty in Boston. Although the secret organization had branches throughout all the colonies, the most effective of the cells were those operating in the New England colonies. The various groups corresponded with each other and traded ideas on how to resist and change the unpopular British policies. They were known by many names depending on location: Liberty Boys, Sons of Freedom and Free Born Sons of Liberty. They erected Liberty Poles and Liberty Trees and used these as rallying points to discuss current issues and raise awareness among the population in a manner similar to today’s blogs and forums.